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HDR FX: A Comprehensive iPhone Photo Editor With Variety Of Filters

Instagram is fine if your main focus is sharing photos rather than editing them, but if it is the other way around, you need a good iOS photo editing app. There are a lot of those available in the App Store, and it all comes down to choice and preferences when you want to download a photo editing app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. HDR FX is one such app which comes with pretty decent editing options, and the collection of photo effects which can be found in the app is impressive, to say the least. The app is fairly easy to use, and you can apply HDR to images to give them a more sharpened and vivid look.

HDR FX Home HDR FX Effects

The homepage of HDR FX is quite simple, and lists options to let you shoot photos right from within the app, load them from camera roll or Facebook, and there is also a third option which takes you to the tutorial of the app. By whichever means you load the photo for editing in HDR FX, the effects listed to be applied to it are ordered in three categories, including Scenery, Sky and Ground. The app has a total of 42 effects, with a preview of each shown in its thumbnail. You just have to tap the thumbnail and it will be applied to the loaded image.

HDR FX Crop HDR FX Filters HDR FX Edit

Apart from photo effects, HDR FX comes with detailed photo editing options. The editing starts even from the camera view of the app, where you can crop the image before it is imported to the app’s main editor. HDR FX guides you at each step of editing with graphical instructions. To use the HDR feature of the app, you just have to tap that button and adjust the corresponding RGB values. You can preview the changes before actually applying them using the preview button in the top bar. Apart from the effects listed in the main effects menu, the app has a lot of filters on offer, too, which can be applied to photos with a single tap. There is also an assortment of frames available in HDR FX. When you are done making changes to the image, it is possible to save it to your iDevice, or there is the option to share it with friends easily, using the share button.

HDR FX is available for free for a limited time (originally $1.99), and you can grab it from the link below.

Download HDR FX

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