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Hide Call Log On Your iPhone With HiddenCallLog [Cydia Tweak]

Phones might have turned into smartphones, but the users are essentially the same. Most of us still face those day-to-day problems that haunted us 10 years ago, and in many areas, things haven’t changed all that much. There were annoyingly interfering friends (or family members) in the past, and there still are. But the modern world lays special emphasis on privacy and such issues are never taken lightly. No matter how technologically safe the devices or networks become, there are still the age-old methods of prying into your personal life like snatching your phone and taking a good look at all your data. Not if Cydia can help it! HiddenCallLog is a free Cydia tweak that will make your complete call log invisible with a single touch. The Cydia app makes your call log appear to be completely empty, but the best thing about it is that you can get it back as easily as you made it disappear.

HiddenCallLogThe tweak is available over at the Big Boss repo and once you have installed it, it won’t show up as an app or extension. The only change you will observe is the addition of the Clear button in the call log menu. This button is what performs the whole task of the tweak.

Imagine you just have to hand over your iPhone for a close “inspection” of your recent activity on it, but you don’t want anyone to know what calls you have been making, and don’t want to delete the call log either. With HiddenCallLog, all you will need to do is to tap the Clear button in the call log, and from the menu that pops up just select “Clear All”. Hit Refresh, and poof! Your call log is empty.

Now, how do you get your log back? Hit clear again and then “Clear All”. This is like unchecking the option you set earlier and after you tap Refresh, you will have your call log back.

Of course, HiddenCallLog does not solve the whole problem. If you are trying to convince someone that you haven’t been making or receiving any undesirable calls, a completely empty call log is sure to look a bit suspicious, but still, it is a much better solution than having no protection at all. A pretty simple tweak, really, but you never know when it might come in handy, and it’s free too. Do give it a try if you are really secretive about your personal data.

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