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Hide iOS OTA Update Badge From Settings, Disable Install Button [Cydia]

We have covered a few Cydia tweaks that allow iOS users to get rid of the OTA update badge on the Settings icon of their iPhone or iPad. When you think about it, such tweaks offer nothing more than a cosmetic utility, and if you really want to avoid the update, the chances of accidentally hitting the Download & Install button in the Settings app remain pretty sizeable. That is exactly what makes Software Update Killer a much more useful tweak compared to similar ones in the past. The tweak does remove the badge from the Springboard Settings icon, but it doesn’t stop there. If you install Software Update Killer, it will remove the icon badge, the notification bubble over the General tab in Settings, and ultimately, disable the update download button altogether! This can prove to be an extremely useful feature for users who are rather accident-prone, and fear that they might hit the update button by mistake.

Update Notification Remove iOS Software Update Killer

Software Update Killer is available in the BigBoss repo, and if you want to download it, won’t cost you anything. After its installation, the tweak works silently and does not add any new Springboard icon or menu in the stock Settings app. If you have an active OTA update notification, Software Update Killer will affect it automatically, and you will notice that the annoying red badge is gone. Enter the Settings app, and there will be no indication of a waiting update on either the General or Update tabs. Of course, Software Update Killer cannot actually make the update go away, but it does the next best thing. The Download and Install button is greyed out by the tweak, and you can’t use the OTA update option until you uninstall the tweak. The Learn More button above the disabled one remains functional, and this means you will still be able to view all the features that are on offer in the update without being able to actually download it.

Software Update Killer kills all other tweaks of its kind, and is free as well, so if you really don’t want to perform an OTA update, grab the tweak right now. The option provided by this tweak is almost like actually removing the update available for your device. You won’t be able to update to the next iOS version until you make a conscious effort, and that is the whole point of Software Update Killer.


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