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Hipmunk Tracks The Shortest Flight Routes To Your Destination [Android]

Hipmunk is easily one of the simplest flight tracking apps for Android. The free app helps you search flights from almost all the popular airlines services across the globe and displays them on a timeline sorted by various filters. With Hipmunk, users can search for the cheapest and the most convenient flights to desired worldwide destinations, book one way/two way flights, purchase tickets directly from their device or get the booking procedure finished from your computer.

Hipmunk is not new to the smartphone arena. A famous iOS variant of the app has been present on the iTunes App Store for quite some time whereas the Android variant has been released just recently.


Unlike most apps, Hipmunk does not require any long registration procedures to let you access its features. Instead, when launched, the app takes you straight to the search screen from where you can start finding a flight of your liking by providing all the required details such as the departure/arrival destination, leaving/returning dates, the type of service/class you want and the maximum number of passengers. Hipmunk provides real-time suggestions for airports that you search for and saves the history of search results. Once you’ve provided all the information, tap Search for Flights. To reset the booking form as well as the app’s search history, tap Menu > Clear Form/Recent Searches.


The results screen displays all the departing and returning flights of various airline services along with the relevant time and booking price of each. To switch between departing/returning flights screens, tap on the small black arrow on the top left/right corner of the screen.

Here’s another useful feature of Hipmunk; you’ll notice four different tabs at the bottom of your screen namely, Agony, Price, Depart and Arrive. These are filters that can be applied to the sort the search results.


The Agony tab is easily the most intelligent of the four as it helps you find the best possible route that has the least number of layovers (stops) in between, doesn’t cost you much and takes you to your destination in the quickest possible time. Quite impressive!

The Price tab sorts flights according to the various prices ranging from the cheapest to some of the more costly (and luxurious) ones. The Depart and Arrive tabs let you know about the earliest time/route available on various services for your departure and your arrival respectively. You can navigate in all four directions on the result screen to find the most appropriate flights for your journey.


Tap on a service of your liking, view brief route details and/or tap on the arrow (on the right) to head over to the Flight Details screen. On said screen, you can view the departure/arrival times and locations for a selected flight along with the total duration that it would take to complete the journey. Also, you can see detailed breakdown of the entire route with information about the various aircrafts, airports and the layover points (with duration) that would constitute the entire journey.

Once you find a route of your (and your wallet’s) liking, tap on the Select this Leg button to head over to the flight’s booking screen and book your reservation on the selected airline. Alternatively, you can access the flight booking screen by tapping on the price cell of your preferred flight (from the result screen). Coming to the flight booking screen, tap on the Buy Through [service] button to purchase a ticket directly from your device.

Tapping on the mail icon on the top-right of this screen lets you forward the booking information via email. In case you wish to finish the booking procedure from your computer, you’re provided with a phrase (code) on your device that you can use on the Hipmunk’s flight booking webpage.


Although, there are quite a few other flight booking apps available for Android (SkyscannerFlightAware), Hipmunk’s unique way of displaying search results, its handy search filters and flight booking options make it worth a try. However, addition of radar maps, airport delays, real-time flight tracking and other such features would help it become a standout contender among its counterparts.

Download Hipmunk Flight Search for Android

[via LifeHacker]


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