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Hit The Apple: William Tell Set In The Jungle [Android Game]

There are several games in the market that involve shooting apples off a man’s head without killing him. One such game, called Hit The Apple, was released last year for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and created a lot of hullabaloo due to its violent gameplay and disturbing design. Well, the game is now available on the Android platform as well. The graphics and the overall design is not the same as that of the iOS version, but the basic gameplay mechanics are similar. It tests your archery skills how accurately can you shoot your arrow, as well as how far can you shoot it from. But at the same time it’s so much fun to play. Note that the following game contains violence and gore, and has been assigned an age rating of 18+ by the developer. Read on past the break for further details and screenshots.

Hit The Apple Gameplay1 Hit The Apple Level Complete

The basic aim in each level is to shoot an apple placed off the head of a man trembling with fear. Missing the shot will, in most cases, result in a gruesome death for the man. Each successful shot moves you to the next level, which places you farther away from the target. There is an unlimited supply of arrows. The game gets harder and harder because each level requires a different angle to shoot, but once you have figured out the basic solution, you can easily target the apples.

There is not much variety in the overall design, apart from the fact that the distance from the target increases with each round. It would have been better if the developers had included some more gameplay elements like moving objects, number of different arenas, etc. Though, you can shoot the occasional dragon just for the fun.

Hit The Apple Gameover Hit The Apple Gameplay2

The cartoonish graphics don’t add much to the game other than the funny-to-some animations that appear if you accidentally shoot the man. The music fits well with the environment and the sound effects are pretty convincing.

Hit The Apple Gameplay3 Hit The Apple Gameplay4

There you have it, a game that will provide you with some decent fun, especially if your violence-prone mind enjoys killing innocent virtual men with apples on their heads. But mind you, is not for those who cringe at the sight of cartoon blood.

Hit The Apple is available for free on Google Play, and you can grab it via the download link or QR code provided below.

Download Hit The Apple For Android

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