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HopStop: Get Directions, Nearest Bus/Subway Info & Plan Trips On WP7

Travelling in big cities can be a nightmare for a new visitor. If you are a tourist, things sure are tough, but even if you live somewhere like New York, commuting from home to work is never easy. With the advent of smartphones, things have become a lot easier, as you can take a look at maps anywhere you want, but still, using a map isn’t as easy as getting nicely written, easily comprehensible directions. HopStop is an app for Windows Phone 7, using which, you can get all the data you need to get through your day. Read on to learn how this app can prove to be the perfect navigation tool for everyday use.

HopStop HopStop Homepage

HopStop is all about simplicity and easy comprehension. There are no complicated menus that will usually require you to input a lot of information before you can get anything useful out of them. The home page has got just 4 menus. The most useful section is the Directions one, where you can get detailed data on travelling from one point to another. Directions can be retrieved for commuting between two different cities, or within the same town. Just set up the starting and ending points of your tour, choose a time for starting, and as soon as you tell HopStop your preferred mode of transportation, you are good to go. If any of your entered destinations matches more than one locations, a list will be presented to you, from which you have to chose which place you actually meant.

HopStop Directions HopStop Stations HopStop Settings

HopStop can be used to find stations as well. You can either allow the app to access your current location and look for buses, subways and taxis near you, or there is the option to manually select a destination, and HopStop will find all the necessary information near it. Next to each displayed result, you will see the distance to it (in miles) from your specified location, while the estimated time to get to it is also shown. HopStop keeps track of all your past excursions, and using it, you can plan trips as well, so that you will know which modes of transportation did you use and where to find them.

HopStop has destinations for most of the US and Canada, and a few destinations in Europe are listed as well. You can change the language of directions from the Settings menu (located under more). Settings also have an option to choose whether directions should be generated so that you get transportation easily, or get the chance to explore the city more by walking.

HopStop is a free app, and you can get it at the web Marketplace link below.

Download HopStop

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