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How To Access Stock Recovery On HTC Sensation With S-ON

HTC Sensation is the new Android “sensation” with a huge fan base but with locked Bootloader. Although HTC has repeatedly reaffirmed their faith in officially unlocking the bootloader, but like politicians, things are moving pretty slow without any ETA from HTC whatsoever. However the modding community at different Android portals, forums and blogs is committed to crack into sensation in order to unleash real potential of this beast. Yesterday XDA member, FireFlamesniper, made quite an interesting discovery on his Sensation. Apparently HTC Sensation comes with an integrated recovery menu regardless of S-ON / S-OFF flag. The recovery menu comes with 4 options:

  • Reboot Phone
  • Apply Update From SD Card
  • Wipe Data
  • Wipe Recovery Partition

And we are pretty sure that this menu comes with every S-ON HTC Sensation because the discoverer himself owns a T-Mobile HTC Sensation in US. Here is how you can access S-On Recovery on HTC Sensation:

1. Hold the Sleep button down till the window pops up.
2. Hit Restart and watch the dark, but lit screen ( or the little LED’s on the bottom to turn off meaning the phone has turned off and is about to reboot.
3. Quickly hold the Vol-Down button till the Boot loader comes up with the Androids skateboarding on the bottom.
4. There, press volume down once here to "Recovery" then press the sleep button, the White screen with HTC’s logo will appear for about 5 secs.
5. The you should see a Phone with a green, then Red symbol by it. When the symbol is Red. press Vol-Up, and the Sleep Button at the same time.

For now we believe that you can only tinker with reboot option as developers still have to figure out the functionality associated with other recovery menu options. For more information and other insightfuyl discussion, please visit XDA thread posted here.

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