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How To Add EDGE Option To Lumia 900 Cellular Data Settings [Guide]

When the Lumia 800 was launched, people called it the best Windows Phone 7 device to date, but all that changed as soon as its elder sibling, Lumia 900, hit the market. The most prominent difference between the two devices is the front-facing camera in the latter, and the fact that it is the first ever LTE WP7 device! So, the Nokia ship was sailing smoothly regarding the Lumia 900, but then battery issues started rearing their ugly heads, and Nokia even released an update that claimed to fix the battery issues plaguing the Lumia devices. However, there are other steps users can themselves take to enhance their phone’s battery life. How about switching to EDGE on your Lumia 900 instead of using the power-hungry LTE when you don’t really need it? We do know there isn’t an EDGE option in the Cellular settings of the phone by default, and this article is all about getting that facility.

Lumia Field Test Settings Lumia 900 Edge Lumia Field Test

To add the EDGE option to Lumia 900, you don’t need a developer unlocked device. The procedure works much like the Diagnostics menu (if you don’t know what that is, read here), and you just have to enter certain codes in your phone’s dialer. Here are the exact instructions to enable EDGE on Lumia 900.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible in case your device gets bricked or damaged in any other way due to this method.


  1. Go to your phone’s dialer screen, and dial ##3282#. This launches the Field Test menu.
  2. Now, navigate to Field Test settings, accessible via the bottom menu.
  3. In Settings, tap the box marked Network type and choose automatic from among the three available options.
  4. Hit the Back button on your phone.
  5. Once you are back on the Field Test screen, scroll to the end of it till you spot an option marked ToggleENS (REBOOT). Tap that option.
  6. In the ToggleENS (REBOOT) menu, hit the Start button. Do nothing for 10 seconds, and then tap Stop.
  7. Wait for the phone to reboot. Once it has done so, go to your phone’s main Settings app, and in there, navigate to the Cellular menu. You will notice that the E option has been added to the list, marking the availability of EDGE.

You can now easily switch to any data type from the Cellular menu without having to go through all these steps ever again. Do remember that the indicator next to the signal bars on your phone might not be accurate on EDGE, so just ignore it. Switching to EDGE might save you a lot of battery time, and the risk involved isn’t too much, either. So, do give it a try if you are exasperated by your Lumia 900’s battery, and want to try out a less resource hogging network band.

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