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How To Backup iPhone SAM Activation Ticket To The Cloud via Cookie [Cydia]

To those who like to stay up to date with the latest news regarding the jailbreak world, SAM is nothing new by any means. You must also have heard of the new method through which it has become possible to carrier-unlock any jailbroken iPhone on any baseband and firmware, in a few simple steps (discussed here in detail). Although the method seemed to be a blessing from the heavens, Apple was quick to react, and is in the process of updating their servers to block the SAM unlock altogether. The jailbreak community, as always, is one step ahead. Enter Cookie, a Cydia tweak that backs up your activation ticket to the cloud, so that you can restore it at any time you want! Cookie Cydia Cookie iPhone

Of course, Cookie is not the only method available for activation ticket backup. You can do that manually as well, and here are the instructions for doing that (we will come back to Cookie afterwards). Instructions:

  1. Make sure that you have iFile installed on your device. In its main menu, go to the following path var/root/Library
  2. In the Library, hit the Edit button.
  3. Now, choose Lockdown folder.
  4. Hit the second icon in the bottom bar, while keeping Lockdown Folders selected. This will create a new zipped folder, and you will have to name it.
  5. Now that a copy of the file has been created, delete the original Lockdown using the delete button in the bottom bar.
  6. Tap the newly created file, and from the presented options choose Unarchiver.
  7. Now, you have to copy the folder. To do that, hit Edit, select Lockdown’s copy, and tap the copy button from the bottom bar.
  8. Now go back to the same location you navigated to in step 1, and paste the copied content there.
  9. Reboot the device after uninstalling SAM.

If you find doing all this a bit too complicated, Cookie is the perfect thing for you. This free tweak backs up the activation ticket automatically (although it does so to the cloud, and you cannot store the ticket anywhere you want). To use Cookie, just go to the Cydia store, and look for Cookie in the BigBoss repo. After you have installed it to your iPhone, it will appear as a standalone app icon on the Springboard of your device. After making sure that you have an active internet connection, launch the app. There are just two buttons in Cookie, one for backing up the activation ticket, the other for restoring it from the cloud. SAM might not work for too long now, as Apple is hot on its heels, so Cookie can prove to be a lifesaver for many people. If your device is unlocked via SAM, this Cydia app is a must-have.

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  • Keshav Narula

    Luckily; I did get my moms unlock on the last minutes before apple started patching(phew.!)
    Though; my phone is giving problems and is acting like a “tethered” unlock..

    since idk why the iPhone 4 4.11.08 is  very laggy-n keeps hanging 5-6 times a day even after 30 gb of free space I have to keep rebooting it..

    Every time I reboot it; the AIRTEL(my carrier) sign goes away.. I have to keep using cookie or ifile or iexplorer to get my unlock running again:.

    I have another phone which I use and it dies like 10 times a day but I face NOO problem in it…

    Please tell me how to fix this “tethering” sam unlock  problem..

  • Bratt

    I cant find the Cookie app on BigBoss 😮