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How To Change The Language Of Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta [Hack]

The whole Windows Phone 7 community is looking forward to the release of Mango, with the latest update to the OS expected to be publicly released soon. The beta is already out for developers and manufacturers (and even for a non-dev user if he follows our guide to getting Mango on any device). The excitement is incited by Mango in anticipation to all the new features promised to be coming to this update. Some have termed Mango to be everything WP7 should have been all along, as it fixes almost every known issue pertaining to the OS, and throws in a bunch of really awesome features while it’s at it. One such feature is the addition of many new languages to the update. However, if you are using the beta, the languages have been kept locked for now and can’t be accessed. There is a way however which lets you get a taste of this Mango goodness, and it involves a registry tweak. If you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone  device, along with Mango beta, you can change your phone’s language from English to Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Russian, Japanese and Dutch!

If you are thinking that registry tweaking is not yet possible in Mango, then you are right of course. It’s not. However you can do it easily in Nodo and then update back to Mango. Here’s the method.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. WP7 Mango ChineseRollback to the Nodo update. You can use this method for doing so. If you have anything important in your phone, create a backup before reverting back to Nodo.
  2. Once you have got Nodo running on your device, you are free to edit your phone’s registry values. Go to the registry editor fir doing so.
  3. In the “Key” field enter this path
  4. Set the “Name” field to the number of your desired language as provided in the list below.
  5. The “value type” should be left as it is.
  6. Enter the name of your chosen language in the “Value” field (relevant codes are provided in the chart below).
  7. Now you can upgrade back to Mango.

The hack has been reported to work for Japanese at least, and theoretically, should work for all other languages too.



Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese









[via WP Central]

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