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How To Cut Down And Manage Facebook Contacts On Windows Phone 7

Facebook has become an integral part of most of our lives, and more often than not people who we barely know end up in our friends list, just the way acquaintances would. With Windows Phone 7 comes true Facebook integration, and the content from the famous social networking service spreads out all across your shiny new device. Now, who’d want that Mr. ABC from down the lane in their contacts list whom they barely know? Unfortunately, with the default settings on Windows Phone 7, this is exactly what happens, i.e., when you add a Facebook account, all your friends get added to your phone’s address book.

To avoid this clutter and choose whom to keep, you can set your phone to sync only those Facebook contacts that are already present in your phone. That means if a Facebook friend is also a contact in your Windows Live or Google account, they will still show up in your Windows Phone 7’s contact list. All others would remain hidden.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

  • From Start, flick left to the Applications list and then press Settings.
  • Press Applications and then press People.
  • Under Include Facebook friends as contacts, press Only add Facebook information to existing contacts to filter out Facebook friends who don’t already have a contact card on your phone.

That’s it. Your contact list is pretty much clutter-free when it comes to Facebook. In my opinion, this is certainly a handy feature other competing smartphone OS should look out for. Please remember that this setting will only filter your Facebook friends from your contact list in People; you’ll still all social updates in ‘What’s New’.

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  • sfm

    the option ” Include Facebook friends as contacts” doesnt appear in the “people” menu, and my phone has the windows phone 7.5. I want to do exactly whta you’re saying here, only see the information from facebook on my contacts with number, what can I do?

    • hehassavedme

      same here