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How To Cut The Cost Of Group Messaging In Windows Phone Mango

In recent times, SMS, or texting as it is commonly referred to, has become the primary mode of communication between all mobile users. A major factor that has led to this development is the cheap cost that is usually associated with text messages. Imagine the state of your monthly cellphone budget if you had to call someone every time you had something to say. But if you are a Windows Phone 7 user and have already updated to Mango (using our Mango update guide), or are soon going to (the official release isn’t all that far away), then your wallet can take a hit! How is that possible? Well, apparently, the fruity update of Windows Phone has the tendency to confuse a simple text message with an MMS, specially if you choose more than one recipients. Alarmed? Don’t be, as thankfully there is an easy way to overcome this issue and bring everything back to normal.


Mango brings a lot of new and cool features to the Messaging hub, with Facebook chat integrated right in your messages, and group texting which is optimized to hold a conversation between multiple users on a single thread. But this innocent-looking group messaging feature is actually a monthly plan monster. Turns out if you are using the group messaging feature, it by default uses MMS as a mode to maintain the thread properly. In simple words, each SMS you send or receive will cost you as much as an MMS!
If like me you have an unlimited SMS package then this news should be worrying for you as all those texts will go to waste, eating up MMS in the procedure. Thankfully though, the situation can easily be rectified. All you have to do is to go to your phone’s settings, navigate to the Applications tab and select Messaging. In the presented options, toggle off the Group Messaging switch. You will still be able to use the Group Messaging feature, but now it will count as SMS. There is one slight problem with this though. The group messaging features become slightly unreliable if you turn off the toggle, and some of your threads might go astray or a few contacts might appear more than once in the same Messaging hub. However, the whole SMS as MMS issue should trouble you only if you use cellular data rather than Wi-Fi, so if you don’t have a mobile data or 3G connection, there is no need to worry.

[via WMPowerUser]

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