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How To: Download And Install SwiftKey Beta On Your Android Phone

Finally there is some good news for Android phone owners who were waiting for the multi-touch keyboard, Swift key, to appear in the Android market. This keyboard is simply magical as it can predict your next word by parsing through your previous SMS writing style and data. A must download for Android users who love to send their sms’s quick and neat!  This release is open to public and any once can download and install this app using native Android Market.

Here is the step by step guide on downloading and installing SwiftKey Beta on your Android phone through Market.

Although you can download and install this app through regular edge/ 3G, but it is advised to use Wi-Fi for quick and hassle free installation.

The first step is to launch Market in and search for the “Swiftkey” app.


Now press the install button at the bottom of the screen and let the installation complete.


Once the installation is complete, go to the Swiftkey Beta icon on your phone and launch the app. 


Once the app is launched press “Next” to go to the keyboard enable screen.


Now check the SwiftKey Beta tab on the screen and press enable.


Once you have enabled the SwiftKey Beta by checking the box, you will be taken to your phone’s language and keyboard settings. Now you can select SwiftKey Beta as your keyboard alone or you can also select Android plus SwiftKey Beta both. it is recommended to go with one keyboard type at a time.



After you have configured the text input options, you will be prompted by SwiftKey Beta to download a language module according to your needs. There are multiple languages available and you can select your native language if you want. The download will take a few minutes if you are connected through Wi-Fi.



After the language module download is finish, you will see a congratulations screen from SwiftKey. Now you can simply start native Android text messaging app to cross check if you can see the SwiftKey keyboard. We have tested this method on successfully on HTC Dream G1 and stock HTC Desire.

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