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How To Enable Tethering On Samsung WP7 Phone

It’s just been a few days since the launch of the first Windows Phone 7 devices, and as people anticipated tethering, it has been confirmed now that the Samsung WP7 devices can actually be tethered on AT&T network. Reportedly, Samsung Focus has been successfully tethered via 3G on AT&T network. Doing so requires entering into the device’s Diagnosis menu, and it is due to this reason that tethering on Windows Phone 7 devices can only be done for Samsung phones yet, as they are the only ones for which the Diagnose mode is accessible.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to achieve this on Samsung Focus. Please note that Microsoft Zune must be installed on your PC for this trick to work.

  • Launch your Samsung Focus’ dialer, and key-in ##634#. Press the call button, and you will reach the phone’s Diagnosis menu. (an icon for this mode will appear under ‘Programs’ for future use)
  • The Diagnosis mode itself contains a phone dialer application. Using that, enter *#7284# and a dialog box will appear, presenting you with the option to change the setting for USB from Zune to modem or ‘Modem, USB dialog’. Here, you will have to select the option saying ‘Modem, Tethered Call’.
  • Your phone will restart after a few settings. Once that happens, and assuming that you have Zune preinstalled, connect your device to the PC over USB and drivers will be installed. You will actually be seeing a Samsung modem under Connections on the PC’s side.
  • Finally, on the PC you need to change the settings for the Samsung modem. Set it to prompt for credentials and you’ll be able to put in your AT&T login info.
  • As soon as you hit the connect button, you’re tethered on 3G using AT&T’s network. That’s it.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully tethered your Samsung Focus to your PC over Windows operating system. A couple of things to note here though. First, the tethering may fail the first time, just hit connect again without changing anything and you should be fine. Also, as long as your USB mode from the Diagnosis menu remains modified (like we did in this guide), Zune will not connect over USB. So either use WiFi to sync your device, or play with the settings over an over. Either way, the Windows Phone 7 OS can certainly tether, and here you have it!

[via MobilityDigest]


  1. if only zune sync and tether could co-exist. this kinds sucks having to constantly change settings and restarting.

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