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How To Fix GPS Satellites Lock On Samsung Galaxy SL I9003

Samsung-Gaalxy-SL-i9003-GPSWhen the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 came out, as positive as the user feedback was, there was one uniform complaint. The GPS was slow and unable to achieve lock on satellites in a time that didn’t leave you frustrated. Same holds true for the new Galaxy SL I9003, but lucky for us XDA-Developers forum member KonfusedGeek has figured out a clean simple fix to rid you of this issue.

There are fixes out there that involve some manual doings with aluminum foil and all that, but we’re talking about a phone here, not a roasted turkey. This fix is entirely software based and does not involve any third party software or program. However, this is for Android 2.2 Froyo only.

According to KonfusedGeek, he was able to achieve lock on 4 satellites in 8 story building without any issues at all. So let’s get’s get your Galaxy SL’s crippled GPS fixed. However you should note down the original values you change in the mentioned instructions below.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  1. To begin, turn of your GPS.
  2. In the Phone dialer enter *#*#3214789650#*#* to be taken to the LibTestMode.
  3. Navigate to Application Settings > Operation mode and change it to Standalone. (There have been reports of people having better success with MS Mode.)
  4. Again navigate to Application Settings > Timeout(s) and change it to 100.
  5. That done, SUPL/CP Settings > Server & Port and change it to supl.google.com with port 7276.
  6. Now simply reboot your phone and test your GPS out.

You could always revert back to the stock settings by changing the values to the default ones, provided you took note of them before you changed them.

[via xda-developers]


  1. Thanks but this didn’t work for me. GPS still takes 2-10 minutes to lock and sometimes does’t lock at all.

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