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How To Fix HTC Evo 4G Music Streaming and Boost 3G Speed

HTC Evo 4GRecently, Sprint and HTC decided to cut off downloads for music streaming apps including Mog, Rhapsody, Thumbplay etc in the latest OTA update for the HTC Evo 4G which has been a big annoyance to the users of these services. Fortunately, a quick hack can fix this issue while boosting 3G speed if you are using either an official ROM or a custom one with HTC Sense interface.

Those of you who have updated their Evo 4G’s firmware recently with the latest OTA update must have noticed that access to several popular music streaming services has been restricted when using their Android apps. They have done so by setting up a proxy server to filter and restrict connections to these services by the Evo 4G, while configuring the phone in the latest OTA update to access the internet through this proxy server.

We personally believe this measure is totally uncalled-for as it is your right to use the data plan that you are paying for, to listen to music. That’s why we have found a fix for you and here it is.

This fix was posted on XDA-Developers forums by Avalaunchmods and based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the forum, it seems to really live up to its claims. The method is pretty straight forward and it works by removing the filtering proxy from the phone, allowing it to access the music streaming services directly. Here is how to apply this fix:

Note: This fix will NOT work if you are using a custom ROM without the HTC Sense interface. It should work without an issue on stock ROMs as well as all custom ROMs with HTC Sense.

  1. The first step is to find your MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code. You can get it by calling Spring or if your phone is rooted, you can use a free app called MSL Reader to read it directly as follows:
    • Install MSL Reader from Android Market and launch it.
    • It will either show you the MSL code directly, or present you with a ‘Read MSL’ button that you can tap to retrieve it. Make sure to grant the app superuser privileges if prompted.
    • Just make a note of the code in the last line that says ”MSL/SPC:”.
  2. Launch the phone on your device and enter this code: ##3282#
  3. Tap ‘Edit Mode.
  4. Enter your MSL code when prompted, and tap ‘OK’.
  5. Tap ‘Advanced’.
  6. Scroll down till you see the ‘HTTP PD Proxy Port’ option, tap on it and set it to 0 (zero, not O).
  7. Similarly change ‘HTTP PD Proxy Address’ to (all four zeroes).
  8. That’s it – you can now close these settings by navigating back to the home screen.

You should now be able to successfully stream music on your phone through the installed streaming music services apps . Your will also notice a significant increase in your 3G data speed.

[via XDA-Developers]


  1. I did this purely for the speed boost. I have noticed a drastic decline in my 3g speeds. Has Sprint done something to counter this?

  2. The password is your MSL code. You can get your msl code from Sprint or download msl reader from the android market. In order to use msl reader from the market your Evo must first be rooted.

  3. worked like a charm! thank you so much… you can only imagine the expletives I expressed when I discovered my new evo couldn’t stream music.

    Curse you sprint…

  4. Works great, thanks so much for posting this. I did tell the Sprint rep exactly why I wanted the code and no problem getting it.

  5. Sprint refuses to hand over the MSL # and my phones not rooted. Am i basically stuck with no streaming? Can anyone help, this is Sprints way of getting around the unlimited plans by limiting what you can download!

    • Just keep calling. Must have been the tech. you got. I got it from them on the first try when I called them.

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