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How To: Fix Motorola Droid X Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue

Droid X

Motorola Droid X was released couple of days back and it has received a very well-deserved deserved high-end smart phone welcome by the Android user and enthusiast community. But now as the story evolves, there is evidence issues that Wi-Fi connectivity on Droid X actually is very poor (for some users at least). Luckily, the issue can be fixed with a few tricks. While this is no permanent solution, it should do for now till Motorola decides to fix this issue in an update.

If you just couldn’t wait to get your hands on Motorola’s flagship high-end Android phone and got yourself a Droid X, you might have likely run into Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Droid X users and enthusiasts at multiple Android forums have confirmed that their Droid X handsets are facing some dire difficulties while trying to connect to the Wi-Fi. Considering the importance of Wi-Fi internet connectivity on smartphones, this is a major issue, and living with it can be quite a pain.

A temporary solution to this situation is that you can set a static IP and/or renew the lease every time you want to connect to Wi-Fi. Apparently changing the encryption type from AES to TKIP is also resolving the issue for some users.

To set a static IP, you have to go to Wi-Fi settings and go to menu > settings. Over there, you can specify your static IP address, default gateway, subnet mask and DNS servers, or change the encryption type.

There is no word from Motorola on this issue so far, and it seems that the software update released a couple for days back for Droid X also says nothing about this issue. However, as more voice is raised about this issue, the chance of Motorola releasing an update to fix it would increase. Till then, this temporary fix should get most of us going and resolve our Wi-Fi connection issues to enable us to use internet on our device flawlessly.

Do let us know if any of the mentioned methods worked for you and also stay tuned with us as we will be following Motorola’s word on this, in case one is released in this regard.


  1. I have had this problem since I bought my droid x over a year ago. I finally found a fix that truly did remedy the problem. There is a free app that you can download from MARKET. It’s called FXR WiFi fix and rescue, by Brilliapps. I’ve tried several other apps. This one actually fixed my problem so that now I can connect to my WPS secured router at home, and I can now also connect to a public (open) wifi site.

  2. I have been trying everything possible for the last week until today I found out that my router only had space for 4 wifi electronics and my droid X was the 5th connection. So I turned off my ipods wifi and boom! My phonez wifi works now it used to be super glitchy now its PERFECT. I can finaly sleep now(: everyone try it!

  3. I have been trying everything possible for the last week until today I found out that my router only had space for 4 wifi electronics and my droid X was the 5th

  4. Chet is right the only solution that worked for me after three new phones and hours with a droid expert was to…

    1 go into wifi settings, go to advanced, and change wifi turn off never
    2 find your wireless router advanced settings and change signal to b/g only

    it’s been 3 hours and wifi hasn’t dropped once yet. Thank god. Verizon and moto don’t have a clue right now so I doubt there will be a fix in gingerbread or next update

    • Thanks for that Step #1. I just switched my WiFi setting to “Never” switch off, and now my WiFi hasn’t shut off since. Just what I needed thanks again.

    • Couldn’t find “Advanced” under “WiFi Settings.” on the phone. An I lkooning in the wrong place?

  5. Seems like the problem fix is unique to the phones; I’m using WPA Personal security, broadcasting only on band “B” and channel 8. Using a WRT54G2 type wireless router.

  6. hey guys. i just got a droid x and i had this wifi problem.
    however i made it so my route only gave out 802.11g
    and NOT both 802.11n/802.11g
    and thus problem solved. email if you have questions, i was in your position before! 😀

  7. You are speaking a foreign language for non Geeks.
    As if anyone of us has a CLUE AS TO “change” from AES to TKIP ? ? ? or how to find the “switch” on the Droid X.
    Really, think about your audience and assume we are neophytes.

    • I imagine the author presumes anyone looking here for advice on tweaking their phone would know how to set up their router. If you don’t know that yet, you are in the wrong place. Your best bet would be to go to the router manufacturer’s website and find some instruction. You’ll have to log in to the router’s ip address via a cabled comp. What that address is, and where in the configuration page you have to go, kinda depends on who made it.

      That said, I was already using tkip and I had problems the first couple days. It was fine after the update, and then was briefly sketchy shortly after I rooted and tethered the phone. Might be a flaky router/isp though.

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