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How To Get Other Manufacturer’s Marketplace On Your Windows Phone 7

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices have been termed as the last hope for the Mango platform. This is for the reason that Nokia has been granted the permission by Microsoft to tinker with the operating system, and there are some exclusive Nokia apps available in the Nokia Store section of the Marketplace (like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and the CNN app). Some of these apps have been in great demand by users, and it’s a shame seeing them unavailable for other devices. However, if your device is developer unlocked (a piece of cake now for Samsung devices, due to the latest WindowsBreak tool), you can exchange your OEM app store with any other OEM Marketplace of your choice. Read on to learn all about the homebrew which will let you do that.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.

OEM WP7 Marketplace

Before you proceed with the method, please note that the XAP file will replace your original OEM Marketplace, so you can only use one OEM’s apps at a time. Therefore, you will be giving up access to apps made specially for your brand of WP7. If you still think that the goods on offer at other stores are better than what you are currently getting, go ahead and follow the procedure. A developer unlock is enough to get the Marketplace running, so you don’t need to worry about an interop unlock.


  1. Decide which OEM store do you want to run on your WP7. The available choices are Samsung, HTC, Nokia and LG.
  2. There are separate XAP files available for each OEM Marketplace at this XDA link. Download the respective file to your PC.
  3. Deploy the downloaded XAP by using TOM XAP installer or by following our guide to deploy XAP files to a developer unlocked device.

The OEM apps chosen by you will now appear in the Marketplace. There might not be a separate section for them, but if you search for an app specific to that OEM, you will get that file. Alternatively, you will also be able to scan QR codes for apps that are specific to OEMs. It is not like having a separate section for OEM apps in the Marketplace, but it is still better than nothing. The developer of the homebrews has warned users to backup their device before applying this method so that reverting to the original OEM store remains possible.

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