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How To Get Settings Shortcuts On iPhone Home Screen Without Jailbreak

People having a jailbroken iOS device are always showing off the cool stuff that their iPhone or iPad can do, but most others value their iDevices too much. The fear of voiding their devices’ warranties keeps them from jailbreaking them. So it is always nice to see something that only jailbroken users can avail make its way to every iOS user. SBSettings is a Cydia tweak which allows jailbroken users to place shortcuts for different sections of the Settings menu on the Springboard, but now, courtesy of the (currently nameless) web-based settings shortcuts offered by developer Jeff Broderick, users without jailbroken devices can do that too. All you will need to do is to install these shortcuts as certificates to your iDevice, and everything will work out fine from there.

Homepage Shortcut Page Shortcut Install

To get the shortcuts on your device, here is what you have to do:

  1. Enter the following URL within your device’s web browser;
    Each of the 15 icons that are displayed on this page are shortcuts to a section of the Settings menu.
  2. Tap on the setting you want to pin to the home screen; this will take you to its installation page.
  3. Choose the icon you want to use for that shortcut (there are cosmetic alternates available as for some of the shortcuts).
  4. Tap the Install Shortcut button below the icons.
  5. From within the installation page that opens after that, tap Install, then Done.

You should now find the selected shortcut on the Springboard. Tap the shortcut, and after a brief appearance of the browser interface, you’ll be taken directly to the associated section of the Settings menu. As you might have already worked out on your own, there are a couple of negatives when it comes to this method of getting system shortcuts on your Springboard. For one thing, it works a bit slowly and you will have to patiently wait for the web interface to load up again and again. Apart from that, the shortcuts are not as useful as SBSettings toggles, and merely point users to a particular section of the stock Settings app. Having said that, it is still more convenient than navigating your way through the maze of Settings in iOS. There are a few alternatives available for this web app, but they all require a jailbreak or are paid, while to use the method described above, you don’t need either. It is absolutely free and for all devices.

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