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How To Handle Multiple Internet Explorer Tabs In Windows Phone 7 Mango

WP7 MangoWindows Phone 7’s newest update Mango is making waves all around the world even before its official release. For now the update is available to developers only and has recently been released to manufacturers. Microsoft announced that Mango will come equipped with 500 new features! That means a lot more new functionality compared to the previous big update (Nodo). The official list of all the changes has not been made public yet and developers are left to discover new features by themselves. However, one feature that doesn’t require much thorough searching is the availability of multiple tabs in the new OS. It is there, and it looks awesomely cool!

With Mango, you can now manage as many tabs as you want in Internet Explorer with just a simple procedure. Open the tabs menu and you will see all the entries of your previous tabs present there. Though if you find the official method a bit less efficient, you can simply use the hardware Back button to use the task switcher (much like the Android one). Once in the internet browser, with multiple tabs opened, press and hold the Back button for a few seconds. This will automatically bring the tabs list in front of you. Just tap the one you want to navigate to and it will open (that too in landscape view, which is another Mango improvement).

Some basic features like creating new tabs have remained the same and you have to go to the bottom menu of the current page in Internet Explorer, to perform these tasks.

[via Mobile Tech World]

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