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How To Import (Transfer) Outlook Contacts To Windows Phone 7

One of the major problems faced by any user when moving on to a new mobile phone is the transfer of contacts to the new device. Many of us have become exceedingly dependent on Microsoft Outlook for the management and storing of our contacts and personal data about the people we know and interact with. If you have your Outlook contacts synced with your current phone, then you are bound to think twice before getting a handset upgrade as importing contacts can be a big headache. The easiest and most logical solution is to connect your Outlook to your Windows Live account, providing you with all the contacts you need on your phone. But how can this be done? Well, all you need is a tool from Microsoft that appears to be tailor-made for this purpose (and most probably it really is).

The method is fairly simple and based almost exclusively on common sense. To import your Outlook contacts you need to have a Windows Phone 7 device, and a Windows Live account set up on your phone (which happens to be a prerequisite for activating Mango devices).

Outlook to WP7


  1. First of all go to the page linked ahead and download the software named “Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector”. This is the tool that will perform all the magic, and using it on your computer you will be able to import contacts from your Outlook account .
  2. After downloading, set up the tool with the easy-to-follow instructions on screen. Once you have it installed, you are all set to dig in to the syncing method.
  3. Run MS Outlook. If you are on the Outlook 2007 version then navigate to “Outlook Connector” and choose the option Add a new account. Input the specifics of your Windows Live account.
  4. For Outlook 2010 this feature has been added by default and you simply have to go to File -> Add Account. Once there, check the e-mail option and enter your Windows Live ID and other requested data.
  5. Clicking on “Contacts” ends the procedure.

Following these five simple steps imports all your Outlook contacts to your Windows Live account which is easily accessible from any WP7 phone. If you are on a later version of Windows Phone, you might not need to do all that and your Outlook contacts can appear in your People hub automatically. Windows Phone 7 devices now support contact import from services like Facebook and LinkedIn, so it makes sense that Microsft’s own Outlook will not be ignored in the future.

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  1. nothing more then what we find on MS web site, just nothing…. the value add could be how to it without windows live account

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