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How To: Increase Android Phone Battery Life

Although Android 2.2 Froyo resolves quick battery drain issues, but still the fact is that most of Android users are on earlier Android versions like Eclair and Cupcake.

Android-battery The situation is not as haunting as one might think; you can perform some basic tweaks and install some apps to give your battery some space to breathe. Here are some useful tips on preserving your battery life to give you more usage time.

  1. You can start with completely draining your battery once and then recharging it to the max.
  2. Once your battery is fully charged, navigate to market and search for “SystemPanel”. Install this app and press the icon to launch. This is a superb app to save your battery as it allows you to kill those tasks which you are currently not attending to on your device.
  3. If you are on earlier version of Android like Eclair or Cupcake, go to market and download “Switch Toggle Buttons” widget. This widget will give you a quick toggle bar which you can easily place on your home screen to turn your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Google Account Sync, GPS on/off and will also allow you to control the display light intensity. Remember that if you want to enhance your Android handset’s battery life, always use above mentioned features only when required. For better performance, set the display light intensity to the minimum. Once installed, you will need to go to your home screen and press until widget installation menu appears. Select Add a widget > Switch Toggle Apps.
  4. To increase your battery life, you will also need to control EDGE and GPRS usage. “APN on/off Widget” will help you in keeping your data usage under control. To install this widget, simply log on the market and search for “APN on/off”. Make sure to keep this widget on your home screen to quickly toggle data connection on/off.
  5. Rooted Android device owners can also select their preference as “ 2G networks only” to save some battery. It has been observed that devices using 3G services drain more quickly than those on normal 2G networks.
  6. Get rid of all useless apps by installing some app removal and tracking utility like “atrackDog”. This app will allow you to uninstall all apps which you don’t need and are occupying precious space on your phone.
  7. Although over-clocking can improve speed of your phone, but we will advise against it as it might make your battery overloaded which usually ends in quick battery drain.
  8. Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Uncheck Back ground data. This will actually help in saving your battery life by disallowing data connection to automatically sync Google services.

These are some very realistic and do-able tweaks that you can perform on your Android powered device in order to save battery life. It is not necessary that you try to apply all of these, you can customize your battery life saving techniques according to your needs.


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