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How To Increase Speaker Volume For Samsung Focus

Who doesn’t always want that little something extra, no matter how good a thing you have already got? That is just human nature. And when it comes to latest technologies and the most up to date gadgets, the geeks refuse to make any compromises. It feels good to get your money’s worth. For mobile phones speaker volume is usually a major distinguishing feature. If you are listening to your favorite song on your Samsung Focus, and wish that the sound was a little more higher, then wish no more. We have the perfect solution to increase the speaker volume of this Windows Phone 7 device.

The method is simple enough and uses diagnostics to accomplish this task. Diagnostics menu has a lot of capabilities and useful tricks available, and this is another addition to them. Once you are done with this simple hack you will have a full blast of the speakers in your Focus, working to their full potential.

Samsung Focus


  1. Open the Diagnostics menu. This is done by going to the dialer and dialing ##634#.
  2. Now input *#0002*28346#. This should provide you with a new menu.
  3. You will see a multitude of options, among them Device Gain (max/min). Beneath it the option of Get must be present. Choose that.
  4. From the resulting fields, set the value of the first to 7.
  5. Next input 16000 to the second box.
  6. Change whatever value is in box 3 to make it zero..
  7. Now you have altered all the necessary values. Simply hit “Set” followed by “Start”.
  8. Tap the “Home” button and finally restart your phone. And that’s it!

This hack leaves you with a boosted volume on your Focus, but unfortunately some users have claimed that the method is ineffective.

However as the hack administers only temporary changes on your phone, it must not bring you any harm to give it a try.

[via WP Central]

Update: We tried this hack on our Samsung Omnia 7 (which was not unlocked at that time) and everything worked smoothly on it. The only issue that we noticed after making the volume louder was some distortion of voice during phone calls. In addition to that, if the volume is at the maximum level, the sound loses some of its clarity but this effect is not noticeable in most cases. So, you can try this hack on any device that lets its users access the Diagnostics menu. Everything is sure to work on Samsung phones, and there shouldn’t be any issue with HTC and LG as well.


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