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How To: Install Android 2.2 Froyo On Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700

Finally there is some great news for Samsung i5700 Spica owners who were looking to install Android 2.2 Froyo on their already rooted handsets. In order to install Froyo on your Samsung i5700, you will need to root your handset; the detailed rooting instructions can be found here. According to Leshak, the author of this port at Samdroid Forums, there are certain features that will not work with this port. Here is a list of features which will work once you install Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy Spica.

  • Touch Screen
  • Home and other keys
  • Send and Receive SMS/ Make calls
  • GPRS/Edge/3G With manual APN configuration.
  • Vibration
  • SD Crad/ USB Mass Storage
  • Google Services like Gmail, Market, Contacts and Calendar.

And these are the features which might not work after porting:

  • Audio –No ring-tones, voice etc
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS Services
  • Sensors
  • Camera

Here is the step by step guide on how to Install Android 2.2 Froyo on your Samsung i5700 Spica:

  • The first step is to download the i5700 Froyo Alpha 1 update file from here , rename it to “update.zip” and save it on your desktop [Or wherever your prefer].
  • Now connect your phone to the computer and mount SD card; Copy the earlier downloaded update.zip file on the SD Card root.
  • Now reboot your phone in Recovery and flash/install the update.zip file.
  • Once done with the flashing, wipe all data and cache.
  • Now reboot your phone. Please note that the phone might go in a reboot loop, but according to Leshak, it is normal; wait for the phone to boot normally.
  • There you go! you now have Android 2.2 Froyo installed on your Samsung Galaxy Spica.

Again we  will stress on the fact that this Froyo build for spica is an incomplete alpha release, so it will be better to wait for a complete and stable build.

Disclaimer: Please follow this procedure at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be held responsible if this method incurs any permanent or non-permanent damage to your device.


  1. to upgrade your android 1.6 to 2.1 all you need is New PC Sync Studio at least version 1.4 (1.5 is available today), USB Cable and fast internet.
    1. install NPC
    2. connect your i5700 to PC using USB Cable
    3. on your handset disable USB storage only from setting -> about -> USB
    4. backup your contact
    5. remove sim card and and external storage
    6. start to update firmware. it will download 2.1 firmware and install it on your mobile phone
    7. after that you need to restart your i5700 and your handset will set its initial configuration.
    8. shutdown your i5700 put your SIM card and external storage.

    note: if it is possible you can backup your contact using google sync or
    you can backup your contact into your external storage with VCF(Vcard File).and restore it after firmware update

  2. Hi, I am Amit from India using Samsung Galaxy Spica GT-i5700. As I am trying to connect my phone with my Computer through Samsung New PC Sync Studio but its not showing my mobile in the list. What should I do for that. Its only connect my SD card with computer not the mobile.. pls suggest how to connect the mobile with PC as need to update OS version..

  3. Hi,

    have problems after installing the froyo for SPICA (CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica alpha8.3)
    The GT-i5700 cell phone from the PC no longer recognized!

    Android version 2.2.1
    Baseband version i570EXXJC1
    Kernel version
    Mod Vesrion CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica alpha8.3
    Bulid number K/Criminal.r6

    Can someone help me here?

  4. Hallo,

    habe Probleme nach der Installation des FROYO for SPICA (CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-alpha8.3)
    Das Handy GT-i5700 wird vom PC nicht mehr erkannt!!!

    Android-Version 2.2.1
    Baseband-Version i570EXXJC1
    Mod vesrion CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-alpha8.3
    Bulid-Nummer K/Criminal.r6

    Kann mir hier jemand helfen?

  5. Does the device auto wipe all data and cache or do I have to do it after the install ?? If yes, how do I do that ?

  6. My spica reboot for half hour. How long it took reboot system. I’m afraid there are something wrong with my way to flash it. Thanks

  7. No need to upgrade to this Froyo 2.2 if basic things do not works.
    Just change phone… No update because hardware they say
    RIP Spica i5700

  8. why the f** would you even care to publish a ‘step by step guide’ to a phone that would lose its audio capabilities?! (‘No ring-tones, voice etc’)

  9. SALUT.
    cum instalez si eu programe in telefon?
    le-am copiat pe card sd dar,dupa ce scot usb-ul nu stiu unde sa umblu sa le instalez
    nu le gasesc pur si simplu
    florian_instal id mess

  10. Still, updating is a big headache. Is there someone who is trying to make it easy and available for everyone and not just for developers and geeks?

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy Spica with Android 2.1. It is updated from 1.5 by Samsung Authorized Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. I hope that Samsung Indonesia will upgrade it to Android 2.2 once it is avail. Thanks for your tips.

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