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How To Install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM On Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-gingerbreadAndroid 2.3.3 Gingerbread for the Galaxy Tab has finally arrived after relentless patience on part of the owners. While most new Android tablets have begun shipping with Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Galaxy Tab users were left stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo. Not anymore, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Chainfire who also brought us the invaluable CF-Root kernels for Samsung devices. More on the ROM and how to install it on your device after the jump.

The ROM has been kept totally stock and is based on the JQ1 version of firmware for the Galaxy Tab. It is available in two variants: with bootloader and without bootloader. It is recommended by the developer that you flash the one with the bootloader because for him, the phone didn’t boot after flashing the one without the bootloader.
As for the bootloader, yes it is signed but not secured. This means you can install custom kernels or ROMs without any hassle.

Now let’s move onto upgrading your Galaxy Tab to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

Editor’s Note: According to initial feedback from our respected users and commentators, the guide is creating more problems then delivering the claimed benefits. We have launched a full fledge investigation into this issue and will update this post with our finding and a better method, if available. For the time being, please do not follow this guide. For any further clarifications or information, please consult the XDA forums thread link provided at end of the post.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the ROM and the rooting files from the download links above.
  2. Extract Galaxy Tab root files.zip to find two files named, gt-p1000_mr.pit and dbdata.tar.
  3. Now run ODIN and click on the PDA button choosing the ROM you downloaded once prompted to browse for a file. (Make sure the repartition option is checked.)
  4. Click on PIT and select gt-p1000_mr.pit.
  5. That done, put your device into download mode (power button + volume down rocker) and connect it to your computer.
  6. Hit the Start button in ODIN and wait for the firmware to be flashed.
  7. Once the firmware is flashed close ODIN, disconnect your phone and reboot the device into download mode again.
  8. Run ODIN again, this time clicking on PDA and selecting dbdata.tar.
  9. Connect your device to the computer and hit Start in ODIN.
  10. Once the flashing completes, immediately boot into recovery mode (power button + volume up rocker) and perform Wipe data/factory reset and Wipe cache.
  11. Reboot!

That’s it, if you followed the instructions right, your Galaxy Tab should boot into the new Gingerbread firmware. In case you want to root your Galaxy Tab running this new Gingerbread firmware, see our guide on how to root the Galaxy Tab on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

For updates and queries, visit the forum thread at XDA-Developers.

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  • Bob

    Followed these instructions to the letter using the “with bootloader” link as advised. Bricks Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1010 running stock Froyo ROM after step 6. I mean bricks. As in won’t show anything on the screen anymore.

    I don’t think AddictiveTips tested this at all; be very wary.

    • Andy

      Same happend to me, my samsung just went dead

    • Victor Aroma

      Same thing happen to my tab, did you get it fix?

    • Afulani1

      bob sorry for not replying to your comment buddy but im struggling here is the any advice u cn give me on how to get my browser working on a gt-p1010. iv connected to the WiFi and its shows clearly i just want to know how this is suppose to work… thanks buddy

  • Joep

    Bob is right, The guide is missing an essential step: installing the GIngerbread ROM. Please do not use this guide if you’re on Froyo. What you’re practically doing then is rooting a Froyo based tab using Gingerbread root files. Check XDA or samfirmware.com instead for the right info.

  • daniel

    I used these steps while on froyo now my unit does start up
    can anyone help me fix this issue.



  • Dreakar

    Works perfect! thx

  • Maschio

    does.this rom have touchwiz?i don’t like touchwiz very much.

  • OziTechnology

    This method works so perfect on froyo. Thank for sharing it. Many companies including HTC, Motorola tried to get their hands on android market but when it comes to android devices, Samsung has made a mark to be remembered as one of the best companies that worked so good with the merge of android but this year couple of known names such as http://www.amazon.com are ready to compete in android world. Lets see which company hits the top of android devices.

  • Raj

    This method worked perfect for me too on my galaxy tab with froyo, i now have ginger bread in full working condition. thanks again

  • lollybanty

    Works perfectly for my rooted and unlocked Froyo.. Now using firmware 2.3.3 on my Galaxy tab

    • Ghuntter

      your galaxy and the tab p1000 or p1010?

  • Josh


  • Don Gatto

    Hello! I have samsung galaxy tab p1000 with 2.2 froyo. I dont have a lot of experiance on the system update. I would like instsll the android 2.3.3 or Can someone help me?

  • Artistic

    I am also using Galaxy tab p1000n and now its dead…

    :(…my screen is black just the 4 buttons white lights are on…and nothing is showing…

    NOW WHAT!!!..

    • Victor Aroma

      Same thing happen to my tab, did you get it fix?

  • safwan

    i followed your instruction and my phone bricked…….cannot turn on,download mode…..help…..me….

  • Amzari

    P1000N have different hardware esp touch screen. I am also have ‘bricked’ my P1000N. But now revived back. All custom ROM is not for you!! Thats why your screen goes BLACK!!! Only use ROM with P1000NXXXX. Mine is using P1000NUBJP7. Downloaded from samfirmware.com. Visit http://nontent.blogspot.com/2011/05/samsung-galaxy-tab-blank-screen-after.html for full article.

  • Omer Liaqat

    Do not follow step 6 & step 7 or your Galaxy Tab will be dead !

    After downloading required file follow these steps:

    1. Run Odin
    2. Select .PIT file
    3. Select PDA file
    4. Select PHONE file
    5. Select CSC file
    6. Click/Enable options i.e. Re-partition, Auto Reboot & Reset Time
    (If already enabled then leave them as they are)
    7. Now press START button
    8. Wait few min. (Don’t Worry)
    9. Done !!

  • 1337GameDev

    The galaxy tab wifi version probably wont get gingerbread. This model is GT-1010, the 3G version should have no problem with this ROM ( the GT-1000 model). DO NOT use this guide for the wifi only galaxy tab. It will brick the device, and the only way to fix it is to send it back to samsung (for a charge im assuming). Samsung forgot to include a No-ROM state mode to allow easy firmeware re-install like apple does with its devices. Bad samsung. Does the galaxy tab 10.1 have this mode?

  • HNZL

    Just have made it – still works Thanks a lot

  • Mrillmob211

    I just got my tab I’m not real big on computers but this is intriguing so if any body with experience please help me soup this itch up call me 4807213351



  • Kaidemvp23

    How to restart if fails?

  • Afulani1

    i need help yo bob u sue a gt-p1010 right… i need help i bought the thing iv connected to my WiFi but it just wont work what am i doing wrong…