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How To Interop Unlock Samsung WP7 Devices & Get Internet Tethering


It was annoying to find out that despite all its awesomeness, Mango still hasn’t introduced internet sharing and tethering in Windows Phone 7. Another annoying thing about the Mango update is interop unlock. Now devices cannot be simply dev unlocked. There are two levels of unlocking WP7 now. You can have a developer unlock or there is the more privileged interop version of unlocking. If you are a Samsung WP7 user, then you are in luck as both these problems (interop unlock and internet sharing) can be solved in one go using a rather simple method, which is for developer unlocked devices.

The method has been developed by XDA member voluptuary and here is how you can employ it on your Samsung Focus or Omnia 7.


  1. As told earlier, you will need a developer unlocked Samsung Focus or Samsung Omnia 7.
  2. Download this link.


  1. Deploy the file you downloaded in step 2 of Requirements to your phone. If you are not sure how that can be done, you can try our guide on deploying XAP files to WP7 devices.
  2. Once the XAP is in your phone’s app list, go to the device’s dialer and input ##634#. This will install the Diagnostics menu app on your phone. (Here’s a complete guide on WP7 Diagnostics Menu).
  3. Enter *#9908# in the Diagnostics menu.
  4. This command will take you to a new menu. From here, choose System Tweaks.
  5. Hit Save followed by Close.

The next time you restart your phone, the changes will kick in and you will have the promised result on your Samsung device.

[via MobileTechWorld]

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