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How To: Jailbreak PS3 With Nexus One And HTC Desire

PS3 mods are surfacing from every direction and every day some new PS3 jailbreak emerges. There is a method available now that allows you to jailbreak your PS3 with some specific rooted Android devices. You can in fact use Nexus One as well as rooted HTC Desire for PS3 jailbreaking.You will need to have a rooted Nexus One/ Desire with CyanogenMOD 6 based ROM in order to hack your PS3.

  • The first step is to download jailbreak package and save it on your desktop [or wherever your prefer].
  • Now extract the downloaded file and copy N1-CM6-PSFreedom.tar.gz to the root of your phone’s SD card.
  • Once you have copied the file, copy PS3-signed.zip and PS3-No-More-Signed.zip to your SD card.
  • Now reboot your phone in recovery [We suggest using Armon Recovery] and follow onscreen instructions to install Ps3-signed.zip.
  • Once this is done,. reboot your phone in normal mode.
  • Now use a terminal app such as connectBot and type:
  • cd /mnt/sdcard
    insmod psfreedom.ko
  • Once this is done, turn off your PS3. It is recommended to remove the power plug if you have PS3 Slim and power off with the back button on normal PS3.
  • Now connect your Nexus One to the console with USB cable and power on the console quickly followed by the eject button.
  • To check if your PS3 is jailbroken properly, start the console and navigate to Game on XMB. It should have “install package file” option activated now.
  • Now reboot your phone into recovery mode and install PS3-No-More-Signed.zip. This will revert your phone back to normal.
  • There you go! you have your PS3 jailbroken with your Nexus One or HTC Desire. Enjoy!

According to PS3Hax, some known bugs are:

  • This will disable Wi-Fi until the original boot.img is flashed back.
  • This will also disable USB mass storage.

Disclaimer: Please attempt this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you incur any permanent/non-permanent damage to either your phone or console.

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