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How To Make Any Photo / Image The Cover Of An Album In Windows Phone 7

A good operating system is one which, while maintaining an appropriate level of security and privacy, still manages to endow the users with a sense of freedom. A user must be able to customize anything on his or her device, the user has paid for it after all. Windows Phone 7 is sometimes dubbed as too strict on security and that can turn a few users away. Although it does strive to achieve a certain level of customizability. For instance, in the Pictures hub, you can create as many albums as you like, but one thing you miss out on is the choice of an album cover. There is no one-click way of choosing which pic you would like to display as the cover of any photo album. However, there is a simple enough workaround for that.

Pictures HubModifying Photos

After some digging and every day observations, the folks over at PocketNow have discovered that the picture chosen by WP7 to be the album cover is the one having the oldest capture date. This means that the picture you snapped, or downloaded, first will be made the front of that particular album in which it’s kept. This information must be enough to let most users know what to do. In case you haven’t cottoned on yet, here’s all you need to do.

  1. Open Zune, and let all your phone photos be synced with your computer.
  2. Go to the folder where the pictures have been stored in the PC and right click on the photo you want to use as an album cover. Click “Properties” in the opened menu.
  3. Go to the “Details” tab and in the “Origin” section, edit date taken, setting it back to a time older than any other picture.
  4. Now move the photo back to the required album in your phone.

And voila, you will see that the album’s cover is now the picture you chose! True, you cannot perform this procedure on your device alone, and will need to have access to a desktop computer as well, but that’s still better than nothing. If you want to set a photo as a cover for the entire Pictures hub, that is much simpler and all you need to do is open the stock app, go to the options in the bottom bar and hit the choose background option. Similarly, you can choose to automatically shuffle the hub’s background using the other option from the bottom bar.

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