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How To Open Compressed Files In Android Device

Android does not handle many file formats natively, this is why file managers are so popular. If you want to open compressed files which are in Zip, Rar, Gz, or Tar formats, then file managers, such as, Astro File Manager, Dual File Manager, and EStrongs File Explorer can open them easily. But if the compressed file is in 7Zip format or bzip2 format, then AndroZip File Manager is what you need.

extract file androidNot only can AndroZip File Manager open the compressed files but also uncompress them. Just browse any compressed file in your SDCard and tap it. It will prompt you to extract the file in the same directory or in any other directory. Both compressed and uncompressed files can also be shared via email or any other service that supports sending of a file.

Androzip QRAndroZip File Manager also includes task killer, search, and applications manager which can install apps from within a compressed file. It works only with ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, GZIP, TAR, and BZIP2 formats.

Download AndroZip File Manager from AppBrain or scan the provided QR code.

Editor’s Notes: This is the only app in the Android Market that supports 7zip format. I could not find any other tool which can open or extract 7zip compressed file. If you do find any, share with us in the comments.


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