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How To Play SkyDrive Videos In WP7 Mango Picture Hub

SkyDrive Video StreamSkyDrive is a good way to keep your files safe and easily accessible no matter where you go. Coupled with the portability of a smartphone, SkyDrive transforms itself into a very powerful tool. Quite a lot of Windows Phone 7 owners are devout users of SkyDrive, but there’s a catch. SkyDrive only treats all files as…well, just downloadable files. If you have a picture or a video stored in your SkyDrive folders, you are likely to want to view it without having to go through the trouble of downloading the whole file and then associating it with some particular program, and you can do that on your Windows phone now!

Owing to some favorable changes in WP7’s Internet Explorer, you can now view SkyDrive-stored images and videos on your phone directly via SkyDrive. This wasn’t possible previously but now it’s as easy as saying “Cheese”!

Here’s all you have to do to achieve this functionality.


  1. From your PC, go to your SkyDrive (this is the optimal way, although you can login to your account via mobile too).
  2. Select the folder containing the desired video and look at the right-hand bar of SkyDrive. Navigate to the last option present there, named “Folder Type”. Change it to “Photos” (if it isn’t already).
  3. Put all your video and Picture data in one folder, or alternately, go to each folder and apply the setting as told in the previous step.

In these 3 simple steps, your SkyDrive videos and pictures will start showing up in Pictures hub for you to directly watch!

[via Live Side]

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