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How To Put Newsstand In A Folder In iOS 5

If you like the new addition to iOS’s stock apps, especially Newsstand, this trick is not for you. However, if you think that Newsstand is just not worth it and it annoys you to see it just sitting there on your device’s Springboard, the next best thing to deleting the app (which, of course, isn’t possible) would be to put it in a folder. Then again, being a sort of folder for magazines itself, Apple does not allow users to put Newsstand app inside another folder; not until this new discovery, anyway. Turns out, it is possible to put Newsstand in any folder without even the need of jailbreaking your device! Read past the break to find out how.

Newsstand in a folder iOS 5

First of all, be warned that once you put your Newsstand app inside a folder, you will not be able to use it unless you take it back out again. If you try to launch it from the folder, your device will simply respring, so apply the trick only if you don’t use the app at all. Once you get down to it, putting the app in a folder is simple. Seemingly, iOS 5 takes a few seconds to recognize Newsstand as a folder instead of just a plain app icon. You have to utilize these precious few seconds to drag it into the folder.

To accomplish this, all you need are quick fingers. Drag any two icons into each other which are on the same screen as Newsstand. This will create a folder out of these icons – traditional iOS mechanism. While the OS is creating the new folder, drag the Newsstand icon down into the folder bar and voila, there it goes! It took us a few tries, but persistence does pay off, and after about 7 tries we were able to produce the screenshot you can see above. Of course, if you are really vengeful against the poor Newsstand icon (or folder, as we are not sure what it is technically), you might not be satisfied until you delete it, but for most users hiding it away in a folder marked “Trash” should prove to be enough. Of course, the number of stock iOS apps appears to be increasing with each new iteration of Apple’s mobile platform, so getting Newsstand out of your sight might prove to be a good thing to learn.

Know any more tricks that you’d like to share with us? Drop a comment.


  1. New trick I just figured out with this one…
    Do exactly as stated above… but create a folder out of a random App… for exampl, what I did was moved Citi(bank) to “Love Quotes” a folder was created. I was able to move NewsStand into the folder. Then I moved something else into the folder & “Love Quotes” (which originally created the folder) out. NewsStand disappeared! 🙂

  2. iTunes seems to catch that once you sync. It was very gratifying while it lasted. I also renamed the folder in iTunes, so maybe if I hadn’t done that it would have stuck past the sync.

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