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[How To] Receive Updates For Side Loaded Market Apps From The Android Market Client

When you side-load an Android Market app that is unavailable in your regional variant of the Market (Google+ or Google Maps, for instance), it isn’t included in the My apps list within the Market client on your device and hence, the client does not notify you when an updated version of the app is released. So, to keep your side-loaded apps up to date, you have to go through the ordeal of searching for and downloading APKs for every update that said apps receive on the Market. You could always use Market Enabler to spoof your network / location and download the app directly from within the Market app but the app requires your device to have root access. After the break, we explore a simple 3-step workaround that will allow you to link your side loaded Market apps with the Android Market mobile client so that you may receive timely and/or automatic updates for each, without requiring you to root your device.

For this guide, we side-loaded an older APK of Google+. To link a side-loaded app to the Android Market client:

1. Launch the Browser and Google the name of your side-loaded app (enter “Application Name android market” into Google’s search bar). Searching for the app using the Market application will not work unless the app is available in your country.


2. Select the link to the app’s Android Market page and from within the Complete action using menu that follows, select the Market application. You may set the Market client as the default app for opening Market links by checking Use by default for this action.


3. Once on the app’s Market page, tap Update and your done! You should now see the app in your My Apps list (Menu > My Apps), receive notifications for version updates and should be able to upgrade it directly from within the Market app.

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