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How To Reduce Lag On Verizon Droid Charge [Stock And Root]

Samsung Droid Charge is the new sensation for Verizon users coming packed with 8 MP camera, 1 GHz processor and 4.3 Inch display. We have been consistently updating our readers about all new Android developments taking place for this phone. However, there is one simple glitch that’s proving to be a deal breaker for certain Android enthusiasts who like their devices super fast and rock stable. Apparently there are many Droid Charge users who are complaining of lag while using their phone and currently there is no fix available. The new EE4 OTA update also failed to address the lag issue.

For now, you can follow this guide to reduce lag on your Droid Charge. We believe that Verizon will roll Droid-Charge-Lag-Fixout a fix soon as the problem isn’t limited to small number of users and is effecting the majority:

  1. The first step is to download LauncherPro from Android Market and install in on your phone.
  2. Now press Home button on your phone and select LauncherPro as default launcher for your Droid Charge.
  3. Once done, tap on Menu while on the homescreen followed by tapping on LauncherPro Settings.
  4. In these settings, disable animations and exit.
  5. Once done, go to Settings > Display > Animations and disable Animation.
  6. Following the above steps will definitely reduce lag on your Droid Charge. But if you want to really optimize it, then move all apps installed on your SD Card to internal memory.

We know that memory tweak might not be appreciated by some, but so far this is the only work around available for users with stock and root. The credit for this useful guide goes to elucid at XDA. You can check out the original thread posted here for more details and support.

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