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How To: Root T Mobile Samsung Vibrant

Finally there is some great news for Samsung Vibrant owner looking to get root access on their handsets. The detailed rooting instruction for Vibrant are out with all credit going to Justadude on XDA Forums. According to the developer, this method is applicable on Samsung Vibrant and all generic version of Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Vibrant i9000.

Here are the step by step instruction on rooting Samsung Vibrant:

***This will work on the T-Mobile US branded Vibrant and generic Galaxy S models***
***UPDATE: Now you can do this without ADB installed!
The following method should be relatively care-free but there is always a risk with activities like rooting a device or flashing a new firmware.
1. Download the attached zip and rename to: update.zip
2. On your device, navigate to Settings > Applications > USB settings and select Mass storage
3. Plug your device into your computer, select mount USB from your device’s pull-down window
4. Copy the update.zip to the INTERNAL SD memory (~14gb on this drive, not the one w/ Avatar if you’ve still got the 2gb SD card in)
5. Turn your phone off.
6. Hold down volume up and volume down while powering on the phone, this should get you to a recovery menu, you may have to try this a few times.
7. In Recovery menu select ‘Reinstall Packages’ (use vol_down then power to select)
Phone will reboot
and you have
1. su+Superuser
2. busybox (/system/xbin/busybox)
Original credit goes to LeshaK at Samdroid, I modified the script within update.zip to work on the Vibrant.
Other credits to the fine folks in this thread that noted the vol up+down recovery menu.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips won’t be responsible if you end up with a bricked device.

[Via XDA-Forums]


  1. hey i dont have the superuser can anyone help me to root the samsung galaxy s vibrant and where can i get the superuser

  2. I followed all the instructions but when I try to “reinstall packages” it wont let me. It says:
    E:failed to open /mnt/internal_sd/update.zip (no such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted
    Can anyone help me please? Thanks!

    • Had the same problem turned out it was wrongly named update.zip.zip. Just rename it using the ‘File’ explorer in your app drawer.

  3. hey thanks for this …. but i followed the guide from XDA…. now i have Super user..

    I installed Rom manager and made a backup following a guide… and
    I didn’t have to do anything with ADB… but thats the problem now…
    Now I dont understand… how to flash a new rom…

    how do i know if i have busy box installed already?? in the Superuser Permissions i only see Rom manager that I installed….. so how can i check for busybox or how to install it? and how can i flash a rom?


    • Hi, can you please download Root Checker from Market and verify root privileges on your device. If it says that you have root, then Busy Box is definitely installed and you are free to flash any ROM of your choice. Hope this helps!

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