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How To Share Contacts With Ease From Your Windows Phone 7

Switching to smartphones is not all glitz and glamour. You actually lose some of the most basic functions that you had thus far taken for granted. If you are a Windows Phone 7 (or iOS ) user, then you can kiss easy Bluetooth file sharing goodbye. Also, there is no easy way to access your device’s storage. While these omissions have some very sound reasoning behind them, they still are a pain. Another such “dumb-phone” feature missing from WP7 is sending contact cards (containing complete information of a contact) to other people. But with Mango, there are now apps for that. After the break, we discuss two of the best free ones. Their names are Forward Contact and Send Contact Info.

Send Contact info WP7Send Contact info WP7 HomepageSend Contact info WP7 SMS sending

In our humble opinion, “Send Contact Info” is the more comprehensive of the  two, but “Forward Contacts” has one killer feature which brings it on just about equal footing with the former. But we will get to that later.

Using “Send Contact Info” is easy. Just launch the app, choose which details do you want to share (phone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites) and tap the rectangular Select Contact button. This will take you straight to the People hub’s complete contact list from which you can chose any person and send their info using e-mail or SMS. A pretty simple app, but it saves you the trouble of going to a contact and individually copying each bit of information separately.

Forward Contact List PeopleForward Contact DetailsForward Contact QR Code for Contact

While “Send Contact Info” is a relatively simple app, “Forward Contact” is rather flashy. But there’s a slight drawback in using this app. Instead of taking you to the People hub, it imports all your contacts and may miss a few during the import. But if you have the contacts you were looking for, then you are in for a treat. Using this app, not only can you forward contact info in the form of e-mail or SMS, there is also an option to create a QR code of the contact, which when scanned, allows you to view contact information or add the contact to your phone. This is the killer feature we mentioned earlier. QR code generation has been designed while keeping in mind the new Bing vision that comes packed with Mango, and it worked flawlessly for us.

Seeing as it won’t cost you a dime, we recommend giving both apps a try. Links to the apps’ web Marketplace pages are provided below.

Download Send Contact Info

Download Forward Contact

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