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Play To: Stream Photos, Music & Videos From Nokia Lumia WP7 To DLNA-Enabled TV/PC

DLNA is the technology using which media can be streamed over Wi-Fi from one device to another. In most cases, DLNA comes in handy when you want to show a slideshow of images, or a video to a large number of audience, and have only got it on your mobile phone. Having a bigger display for media can be a really useful feature, and that is why DLNA is an important feature. Most newer models of TVs and computers support the technology, but what use those devices are if your phone does not have the capability to broadcast data over DLNA? Unfortunately, this was exactly the case for Windows Phone 7 devices until recently, but now, the Lumia series has finally acquired Nokia’s official DLNA app, named Play To. Read on to know all about the awesome Mango app. Update: The app has left its beta phase, and the final version is now available with music streaming options.

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Play To is designed in a pretty uncomplicated manner, and you will be able to use it even if you had no idea what DLNA was before you started reading this post. Before you start using Play To, enable the DLNA in the target PC or TV. If you are running Windows 7, this can be done from the Windows Media Centre, and after that, just launch the native Windows Media Player, and in the top bar, go to Stream. Check the option labelled Allow remote control of my Player, whilst keeping the player open. Now, go to the app on your Nokia Lumia handset, and make sure that it is on the same Wi-Fi connection as the target device.

There are just 3 options on the main page of Play To. To get started, go to the connection menu and search for DLNA devices nearby (much like Bluetooth discovery). If you enabled DLNA on the TV or PC correctly, it will be showing in the list of devices. A single tap will suffice to create a connection between your phone and the target device. Go back to the main page, and choose if you want to stream videos or pictures on the bigger screen. In both cases, the media is completely controllable from your WP7, and while streaming an album, you can use the Sharing toggle if you feel like skipping a particular photo. The same level of control is offered for videos as well.

Play To is in its beta testing phase for now, and future updates promise to bring music streaming to the mix as well. You can get the beta for free by searching the Marketplace on your Nokia Lumia, or via scanning the QR code provided below.


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