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How To Sync Ringtones With Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango’s beta version has been recently released by Microsoft and is under user-testing and in-depth scrutiny by the smartphone community. Microsoft has promised more than 500 new features coming to Mango. This might look like a marketing strategy or an exaggeration of the facts at first glance, but looking at Mango, doubts have started to evaporate. Features and fixes like multitasking, hardware accelerators, Gyro and instant resume are just a few examples of the true awesomeness Mango has got to offer. But what is a smartphone if it does not allow you maximum customization to make the device truly your own, displaying your signature style on it? A ringtone says a lot about a person’s style and personality and this makes it an important feature for any user. A relatively small feature that Mango offers is the ability to get custom ringtones on your device. Of course things are not perfect for now, and there are limitations related to ringtones on Windows Phone, but still, the basic functionality remains the same and you can now easily flash any ringtone to your device without the need for developer unlock or a third-party app.

Now it is easily possible to get the custom ringtone of your choice on your phone if your have upgraded to Mango. Just follow these simple steps.

WP7 Mango Ringtones


  1. On your PC using any audio software (like Audacity) cut the music or part of the song you want to use as the ringtone. Cut it to be a maximum of 39 seconds in length.
  2. Make sure that the size of your newly created clip does not exceed 1Mb.
  3. As the format of the clip you have two options. You can either go for MP3 or WAV.
  4. Your clip must be completely open and having read/ write access over it. In other words DRM must not be there for the file.
  5. Fire up Zune.
  6. Now navigate to the clip you just created and right-click on it. From the popped up options choose Edit song info.
  7. Go to genre and modify to Ringtone.
  8. Save and sync with your phone.

In this way you can add any custom ringtone to your WP7 Mango phone. Things can get even better if the WP7 team allows users to set any song from their Music library as the ringtone, as the 39 second (and size) limit can prove to be a bit too cumbersome for most users.

[via Pocket Now]

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