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How To Take Screenshot Of Android Phone From Web Browser

Wondering how to control your Android phone and take screenshots via your web browser? PicMe is the solution. It sends live screenshots from your Android phone to your browser and the fun part being, you can completely control your phone from the browser. PicMe only works on rooted phones.

In order for PicMe to work, wireless connectivity should be on. Since, your Android device is going to act like a server and will send live feed to the browser. Hit PicMe icon, a popup will appear asking you to accept the terms and conditions, accept it. In the next dialogue notification will appear stating ‘trying to start a server’. In couple of seconds, server will been created.

An IP address will appear on your home screen. Simply go to the web browser and enter the complete address over there.


You have access to three different views – static, live and live standalone. In static view, you can save the screenshot by right-clicking on the image, but you will have to refresh the browser content every time a move is being made. Where as in live view, browser is acting as a live Android device, you don’t have to go back to your phone to do any moves. Simply hide the PicMe controls and do all the tasks you want with the ability of saving the screenshots. We tested it on both Firefox and Chrome!

!!!App Removed From the Market!!!


  1. Ahh, this is brilliant, I’ve been looking for this! One quick question: I know with printing screen shots on a PC that you can do it like this: screen shot on PC.

    How would I go about printing a screen shot on Android? Would I have to take the screen shot, upload it somewhere, access it on PC and then print, or is there a way I can send it straight to my printer from the phone, perhaps using PicMe?

    Thanks in advance!

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