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How To Take Screenshots On Kindle Fire Tablet

imageIf you have rooted your Kindle Fire and are playing around with the Android Market launchers and keyboards that are now functional for the device, you may also want to take screenshots at times. Unlike an iDevice, or most latest Android handsets out there, the Kindle Fire does not sport the screenshot ability natively. However, there is still a way around that, but unfortunately that will require you to be a PC near you with the Android SDK set up on that PC.

Chances are that if you managed to root your device, ADB is already set up and good to go with the Kindle Fire. The Android SDK already has a tiny little program that allows you take screenshots of your device as long as the device is connected to the PC via USB, and the drivers are set up properly.

We’ll move ahead with the assumption that ADB is already set up. So here’s what you need to do.

  1. Browse to android-sdk-windows\tools and run ddms.bat.
  2. The Dalvick Debug Monitor will open. Click the Device tab and hit Screen Capture.

You can now refresh, rotate, copy or save the image conveniently. You can see the video below to remove any confusion you may have regarding the process at hand.

Video courtesy of Jeff Benjamin (Kindle Fire Wire YouTube Channel).

Kindle Fire Screenshots
[via KindleFireWire]

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