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How To Troubleshoot Facebook Texting In Mango

Microsoft promised that Windows Phone 7’s latest version Mango will come up with about 500 new features. Well, we don’t know about that yet, as the version is still only in its beta testing phase. But what we can confirm is that Mango does have a bunch of really cool and helpful new features that weren’t there in any previous version of WP7. Seeing the emergence and continuous rise of social networking, an organization as adaptable as Microsoft is bound to go with the flow. That’s why Facebook chat is now integrated with the stock messaging app for Mango. This means that you can now interact with your Facebook friends just like you were texting them. But not all is going according to the plan, and there are a few glitches with these feature. A lot of users have complained that there device’s screen just keeps showing them as signing in and no online contacts actually show up in the Facebook tab of the Messaging hub. Many people have also faced problems just trying to link their Facebook account with their Live ID if their Facebook login email address is of some other service. If you are experiencing some of these issues, here are the solutions to all your Facebook-related problems.

Some of you might find the procedure too simple, but trust us, people have been having a lot of trouble with this. So here’s what you have to do to get Facebook texting perfectly working on your WP7 Mango.

WP7 Mango


  1. Delete your Facebook account that is already set up on your phone. This step has been the main reason for giving a lot of users a nagging headache. If there is already an account integrated with your device (even if it is your own), you will keep having trouble connecting to Facebook texting while setting it up for the first time.
  2. Now go to your Live ID account and navigate to “Connect”. Then hit Manage.
  3. Tap on Facebook in the “Social Networking” tab and check all the options in the dialog box that will open.
  4. Save the changes you have made.
  5. From the Facebook app or browser go to your account and set your chat status to Available.
  6. Now open the Messaging menu in your phone and go to its settings. You simply have to toggle your “Facebook Chat” button to ON, and you are done!

This is quite a nuisance for an average user, and hopefully Microsoft will have it fixed when the real Mango comes out.

[Source: Mobility Minded]

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