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How To Unbrick Or Restore Nook Color To Factory Default Using ADB


You can easily restore or unbrick your Nook Color to its original factory default state in case you tried to flash or install something on it that went wrong. This will let you start fresh with the device the way it was before you attempted to install that fancy custom ROM you wanted on your device. Read on for our complete guide.



  • Download the above Boot and System Images.
  • Unzip and extract to the root of your SD card.
  • Plug your Nook color into your PC using USB Interface.
  • Go to your Android SDK Folder and run ADB as instructed in the above tutorial.
  • Go to ADB Shell and type the below mentioned commands
    dd if=/sdcard/boot.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p1
    dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p5
  • This will restore :
    • Nook Color’s Boot Image
    • Nook Color’s System Image
    • Nook Color’s Original Parition Structure
  • Type ‘adb reboot’ to reboot your Nook Color into original factory state.

Congratulations! Your Nook Color is now restored to its original condition & settings.

This method can also be used to unbrick your Nook Color incase of any issue during normal usage or flashing of any custom Android ROMs available such as the Honeycomb and Froyo builds everyone has been talking about.

Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member shad0wf0x for sharing this method as well as the stock images with us.

[via XDA Developers]


    • I booted into recover, CWM
      Under Mounts and Storage I mounted /sdcard (instead of /mnt/sdcard when booted regular)
      boot.img took 83 secondssystem.img took 56 seconds

      This was from a 2GB class 2.

  1. Using a Mac – Nook does not show up as a device when plugged in USB. run adb shell and get error:device not found

    Really bricked.

    Should I boot it up in CWR?

    • Ok in adb shell, but dd commands give me – can’t open ‘sdcard/boot.img’ :no such file.

      The img’s are in the root of the sdcard

    • Type ‘adb shell’ and see whether you can get into the shell. Once inside the shell, follow the dd command as mentioned inthe article.

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