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How To Update HTC Dream And Magic To Android 2.1

HTC Magic and dream

Finally we have a chance to update our HTC Dream and Magic. I will call this a miraculous and life saving ROM release from the capable hands of cyanogen yet again. So here are the step by step instructions on how to update your HTC Dream and HTC Magic to Android 2.1 build.

1. First step is to root your Dream or Magic and install Clockwork recovery (ROM Manager on the market) or Armon_RA’s recovery.

2. Now do a Nandroid backup of your device.

3. It is advisable to install DangerSPL in case you don’t have it already.

4. Now is the time to Wipe( Please remain conscious of the fact that AddictiveTips is not responsible in any way of any damage that might incur)

5. Now install the ROM with Google Addon if you would like google apps like Gmail and Market.

6. Optionally you can install Google Addon, if you want Google apps such as GMail and Market.

All credits for this goes to Cyanogen, please refer to this original post at XDA Developers forum for complete information. More links are provided in the original thread.

Known Issues With This Upgrade:

  • Facebook from market de-syncs for the market users and it is probably some issue at Facebook’s end.
  • Camera 3rd party apps may tend to leak memory.
  • As per Cyanogen’s latest tweet, Upgrading from 4.2 to 5.0.7 on DS without wiping isn’t supported. It might work, or it might eat your cat. Say bye to your cat.

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