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How To Use Messenger Integrated Music And Video Sharing In WP7 Mango

Previously it was thought to be a pretty cool feature in Windows Phone 7 that you could attach an image with your text conversations without using any specific tool or 3rd party app. All you have to do is to tap the attachment button at the bottom of the text conversation which will take you straight to the Picture hub, allowing you to choose any photo to be sent with your SMS. If you thought that was cool, wait till you hear what Mango can do. With Mango it is now possible to receive complete songs on your WP7 if you are having a conversation with someone using a PC! Of course this means you will have to be chatting on Facebook with the other party.

Mango messaging

How you can utilize this little dainty? Nothing has to be done at the phone end, and your friend who is sending you messages from Facebook will have to share an audio clip with you. You will get a new icon in the chat thread, just like the photo one. Tapping this icon will start loading the shared sound clip, and you once it has finished loading, you will be able to listen to it right from within the Messaging hub.

There is a catch though. You can’t save the received clip to your phone’s memory. It will not go to your Music hub, but you can keep it as long as you want by keeping the conversation thread saved on your phone. After letting the clip load up properly, you won’t even need to be connected to the internet the next time. It will remain playable right there.

The formats supported for audio are MP3 and WMA, whereas in video files you can send MP4 and WMV files. And it doesn’t end here, there are rumours that Microsoft will soon add the ability to share media (other than photos) from Windows Phone 7 to Facebook! If you are on any social networking site or messenger on your PC, and chatting to a WP7 user, you can attach any file (as long as it is in the above mentioned formats), and viola, they will be there in the conversation thread. On the surface there doesn’t seem to be any size limit on either video or photo sharing, but nonetheless we would suggest that you don’t try to share files that are too large in size.

[via Mobile Tech World]


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