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How To Use Revolutionary For Easily Gaining S-Off On HTC Desire S

HTC Desire S is a nice piece of hardware. This Android phone has enticing qualities that have managed to hook many users. This device gained S-Off quite a while back, as described in our method to gain S-Off for Desire S. But the method described there requires you to have advanced knowledge and command over ADB. Luckily there is now a much simpler way to gain S-Off over your Desire S. You can use the hot-cake of the Android world these days to achieve this. We are talking of course about Revolutionary! The tool opens the doors to the rooting world for you, making everything almost as easy as a one-click tool.

Revolutionary is the new tool for HTC devices that lets you gain S-off without knowing too much about the technical details. However, before applying the instructions to your Desire S, be sure to read the disclaimer and the Revolutionary documentation.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process

Revolutionary for HTC Desire S


  1. Revolutionary will work for your HTC Desire S if your device version is 0.98.0000 or 0.98.0002. Most users have these versions so it shouldn’t pose much of a problem, but to be sure go to the About section of your phone for confirmation.
  2. Uninstall HTC sync or whichever syncing tool you are currently using.
  3. Go to Revolutionary’s official page and select the download option based on the fact that you are a Windows or Linux user.
  4. Download the ZIP file, while doing nothing as yet with the form that opened.
  5. From the downloaded ZIP file run Revolutionary’s exe file. This will provide you with a number. Note it down somewhere.
  6. Now go back to the form that opened on the website and set the fields to these values
    Windows (or Linux if you are using it)
    HTC Desire S
    The HBOOT version you found out from the About section
    The number generated by the exe file which you noted down
  7. Hit “Generate key” and note down the beta key it will generate.
  8. Go back to the Revolutionary.exe windows and enter the beta key there.

Once you see a message related to lemons and lemonade, you have successfully gained S-Off on your Desire S! The method should not cause any trouble for most users if they follow the guide carefully, but be sure to read the disclaimer near the top of this post.

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