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HTC EVO 3D And Sensation 4G Overclocked To 1.7Ghz Stable

The EVO 3D and Sensation 4G are all the rage right now. Earlier we covered a post  on rooting the EVO 3D temporarily with Fre3vo. Just a few hours back Android developer Michael Huang (@coolbho3k) who brought us the much famous SetCPU for Android has recently tweeted his successful attempt at overclocking the HTC EVO 3D to a whopping 1.7Ghz, and this is dual-core we’re talking here!

TweetedThe best part of this entire overclock is the fact that this was achieved with a locked bootloader and no kernel source. According to coolbho3k, the method he used will be supportive of the Sensation 4G as well and we are dead sure this news has gotten all EVO 3D and Sensation users excited beyond crazy without doubting the authenticity, considering the person claiming to have done so is a well known Android developer. (Picture below, courtesy of coolbho3k.)

So we wait! Till we get our hands on this monstrosity of an achievement, we can all watch our EVO 3D and Sensation devices and feel good about their potential.


UPDATE: The Overclock is out! Head over to the forum thread at XDA-Developers for instructions on how to get your EVO 3D and Sensation up to 1.7Ghz.  The developer has also released a video of the EVO 3D hitting 1.7Ghz.

[via phandroid & XDA-DEVELOPERS]

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