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HTC Flyer BPSense ROM Gets Ported On HTC HD2 [Download Now]

HTC Flyer is flagship Android tablet from HTC that comes jam packed with features and an all new Sense version. Owing to a locked bootloader, gaining permanent root on HTC Flyer has been delayed until HTC officially provides the unlock. However folks at different Android portals and forums have managed to gain access to complete system dump of HTC Flyer which has now been optimized to flash on other Android devices with root. Of course these will be custom ROMs carrying maximum HTC Flyer stuff on board with Sense 3.0. BPSense Flyer is the first HTC Flyer ROM port on HTC HD2 and can still be considered as a work in process. The first version of BPSense comes pretty much raw with plenty of non working stuff but still can be an asset for those looking to taste the deliciousness of Flyer and Sense 3.0 on there HD2.


Here are some salient features of BPSense Flyer ROM for HTC HD2:

  • Multi Language Support
  • Deodexed
  • BusyBox
  • Calls / Data / MMS
  • Quick Boot Compatible
  • 160 DPI On Screen
  • Zip Aligned
  • 1r9 Kernel Gingerbread
  • Modified Initrd.gz
  • SuperUser [Rooted]

Wi-Fi and some stock apps still don’t work and we believe that further releases of this ROM will carry a fix for these problems. If you have an HD2 on TMOUS, then you need 220 MP CWR system partition and ext 2/3/4 partitioning on SD Card. And for those on cLK, you will first need to install TMous or EU version and then install cLK package followed by a reboot. You can download BPSense Flyer ROM for HD2 from here and then head to the official XDA ROM post for more information and complete installation instructions.

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