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HTC Thunderbolt Overclocked To Massive 2.01 GHz

HTC Thunderbolt users who are into customizing their devices to extract all the power they can offer, we’ve got some MASSIVE news for you! What we’re about to share with you is going to make you feel like playing Need4Speed on NOS injection. Your Thunderbolt can now be overclocked to a whooping 2.01 GHz! Yes, you read that right. 2.01 GHz. We know you’re super-excited, so read on for the full story.

What makes Android amazing as a platform is the immense third-party developments it attracts, being an open platform. While device manufacturers and operating system vendors try to make everything fail proof, the developer community isn’t afraid to take some risks and as a result, the whole user community is free to benefit from the fruits of their labour. This is especially apparent in case of custom kernel development that overclocks the devices way beyond their original processing power.

The HTC Thunderbolt initially surfaced as the first 4G LTE device on Verizon sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked in at 1.0 GHz. While there were several successful attempts at overclocking it in the past, none has taken it to over twice the original processor speed but all that has changed as now, this device at 2.01 GHz has definitely made it beyond 100 % stock processing speed. Android developer Derek Rodriguez who had earlier on taken this device at 1.8 GHz has now clocked it at 2.01 GHz and according to Derek’s tweet, the device was running stable at 1.996 GHz (which is close enough to 2.01 GHz already), with ability to go up to 2.0.1 GHz max. It’s still unknown whether overclocking HTC Thunderbolt to 2.0 + GHz will keep it stable or burn it out but 1.996 and 2.01 don’t have much of a difference. Here is the tweet:


The method to overclock HTC Thunderbolt to 2.01 GHz isn’t available yet as the developer is still optimizing the kernel. There is no ETA associated with this hack and we believe that you should give developer some space before bombarding him with inquiry tweets etc. It is important to understand that once the overclocking kernel is out, you will only be able to install it on rooted HTC Thunderbolt with custom recovery installed, adn there may be limitations on the ROMs that this kernel can work with, but we’re guessing based on how these developments go, that CyanogenMod and other AOSP-based ROMs will support it. Take a look at our guide on rooting HTC Thunderbolt if you want to prepare it in advance for the overclocked kernel when it’s out. We are keeping a keen eye on this development and will post an update once the kernel is released for the general public.

[via Android Community]

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