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iAlbums: Get Lyrics & Additional Info About Current Song In iPhone

You can find a lot of iOS apps and Cydia tweaks which add lyrics to the music in your iPhone or iPod touch’s library, and you have to admit, it makes the whole experience of listening to music much more enjoyable (unless you are listening to Nicki Minaj, of course, in which case, it’s better to leave the lyrics alone). iAlbums goes a step further, and not only you get to view the lyrics of any song, the app generates a whole feed for the Now Playing song, which includes news articles related to the artist or song and you might even find a few links to other versions of that song. Read on to know more about this useful app.

iAlbums Home iAlbums Song

iAlbums is basically an alternative music player, and the first thing it does after you launch it for the first time is importing all the tracks in your iDevice music library. These songs are then stacked neatly into the app’s gallery, where you can either play the songs based on their genre, artist or name. To help you through the basic navigational steps in the app, iAlbums starts off with a graphical tutorial screen, highlighting all the important areas of the player. Once a song has started playing, you have to hit the feather button in the bottom bar to view its lyrics. The background remains whatever album arm is associated with the song.

iAlbums Song Feed iAlbums Settings

The real fun begins when you hit the list button in the bottom right of the player screen. Tapping that button brings up the feed associated with the current song, where you will find a variety of things, like the cover versions of the song, videos related to it on YouTube and other news stories about the artists. Each item in the song feed can be shared with your friends via email or through social media. iAlbums also lists Facebook and Twitter updates from the signers of the songs in your library, and if you really like the artist, you can view the complete discography (complete with iTunes links to their other songs).

If you are a music lover, iAlbums is a must-have app due to its extensive collection of information, and there’s nothing stopping you from buying it, as it comes with a price tag of $0. The app can be downloaded from the App Store link provided below.

Download iAlbums

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