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iCaller For iPhone: T9 Smart Dialer With Quick Messaging & Call History Search

It would be a bit extreme and unfair to say that the stock Phone app in iOS is inefficient, but the fact of the matter is that it can use a few improvements to make it more robust. Look at its method of retrieving and searching for contacts, as an instance. You cannot look for contacts using their phone numbers as input. Similarly, it lacks smart dial, so when a user begins dialing a number, no automatic suggestions are generated to indicate the contacts which are associated with the entered number string. If you find all these things inconvenient, iCaller is the perfect solution. This iPhone app brings the famous T9 mode to your iDevice’s dialer, and ensures that you get auto suggestions as you go about dialing numbers on your phone. This is just one feature of this impressive app, and you can find out the rest by heading past the break.

iCaller Dialer iCaller-Message iCaller-Delete-contact

When you launch iCaller for the first time, the app will ask for your permission to access your iPhone’s address book. Once you have granted this permission, all your contacts will be loaded to the app. That is all you have to do to set up iCaller, as everything else will start working all by itself. To see the difference between the stock dialer and iCaller, start punching in any number, and the list will start updating itself dynamically, mirroring the matches found among your contacts (both in names and numbers). In addition to that, iCaller can also be used to send SMS straight from within the app. To do that, just swipe to the right over any contact, and if there is a phone number associated with it, you can send a text message without any difficulty. Swiping left brings up the Delete button in a similar manner as the Message one.

iCaller Favorites iCaller Settings

It is also possible to add any number of contacts to your Favorites list, so that you can access them easily any time you want. One good feature offered by iCaller is its support for secondary languages, and you can simultaneously search your address book in the two added languages. You can set up the languages for iCaller via its Settings menu, which also houses the options to choose the background for the Favorites area, as well as the sorting options for contacts.

Overall, iCaller works fine, but at times, the swipe gestures might be a bit troublesome. In that case, simply kill the app from the App Switcher tray and re-launch it. You can grab iCaller for free at the following link.

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