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IconRotator Adds Landscape Mode To iPhone & iPod touch Home Screen Icons [Cydia]

If you’ve used or own both an iPad and an iPhone (or iPod touch), you might have, at times, felt the lack of landscape mode within the home screen of the latter. When you rotate an iPad, the icons adjust themselves to match the physical orientation of the screen, but as the iPhone has a smaller screen, Apple didn’t deem it necessary to add a landscape mode to its Springboard. One developer in the Cydia store, however, disagrees. Ryan Petrich has just released a new tweak by the name of IconRotator, which rotates the icons and folders on the Springboard of your iPhone or iPod touch according to the device’s orientation.

iPhone Springboard IconRotator Cydia Repo

You won’t be able to find IconRotator in Cydia’s default repositories. You’ll have to add of the developer’s own repository. To do that, launch the Cydia store and go to the Manage > Sources section, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen, followed by Add on left. Enter the following URL in the text box that appears:


After that, search for ‘IconRotator’ and install.

iPhone Springboard Landcape IconRotatorOnce the tweak has been installed, your device will respring automatically, after which, tilting your iPhone while on the home screen will cause all icons to change their orientation accordingly. Though, all Springboard gestures, the position of the status bar and App Switcher tray will remain unchanged.

For a cosmetic tweak, IconRotator isn’t all that bad. Plus, it won’t cost you a penny. If you’re into spicing up your iPhone or iPod touch home screen, do give the tweak a try.


  1. This is awesome! It works just like an iPad rotator. Works as soon as downloaded! 100 % LEGIT FROM ME

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